Our Services

Site visit and Inspection

Get one of our field service agents to visit your farm and engage on the best place to set up your Apiary.

Environment and Hive settings, proximity to water source and availability of forage to serve the colonies. Colony maintenance, fencing.

Output: Receive a Site Inspection report to guide your decision as you begin your beekeeping journey.

On-Site Beekeeping Field Training

Beekeeping Field Day, One on one workshop with our experts on the field at our Yatta Farm, Machakos County.

Hands on training on how to Manage your Apiary, Colony Maintenance, Beehive colonization and transfer, Hive splitting, Queen Rearing, Honey harvesting, Honey processing and packaging, Pest and Disease Management.

Output: Booklet, Certificate of completion

Pollination services

Boost your production by Hiring our bees for commercial pollination of various crops, like cherries, strawberries, eggplant, watermelons, and peppers.

especially those growing under a controlled environment like a greenhouse.

Cross pollination increases the production of food and fruits on a farm leading to great income.

Output: Increased production.

Honey Harvesting and processing Services  

Extension service to our farmers request for Yatta service agents to harvest and extract honey on your farm.

This ensures honey quality is maintained under the best food handling procedures.

We can use our equipment or the owners harvesting and processing equipment.

Output: Processed Honey

Theoretical Training services

Introduction to Beekeeping theory course Importance of Bees Honey Bee colony, Types of Hives, Apiary set up, hive Colonization, Pests and Diseases, Hive Management and honey harvesting processing and packaging.

Output: Booklet, Certificate of completion

Cost: Ksh 1000/Day

Consultation services

We offer advice and expertise to organizations that seek to start beekeeping projects or support communities with beekeeping projects that seek to improve their livelihoods.

Proposal development, business structure and strategy and operations.

Output: Desired content