About Us


Our purpose is to promote Beekeeping among the youth and women through the dissemination of knowledge via the educational center, training and workshops, and outreach. Furthermore, we seek to offer an opportunity to young people by facilitating value addition and marketing for their products. We are passionate about sharing agricultural information and bringing people together.

"Garden sweet garden."

Our objective: Economic empowerment of women and youth in rural communities through apiculture.

Yatta Beekeepers in partnership with local Ministry of Agriculture departments aims to  improve the livelihoods of Women farmer groups by facilitating Apiculture projects. We train farmers on the best beekeeping practices, processing, and packaging designed to increase availability and reliability of technical Beekeeping assistants in the local community facilitating income generation through subsequent production and sales of Bee products.

We also register existing bee farmers and potential farmers on our website to create a huge network of bee farmers to for networking and formation of a bee farmers association and develop coalition projects. Furthermore, we seek to strengthen links between producers and users of Bee products.